Types of Security Sensors for Protection Against Criminal Activity

Security sensors in home security are used for two main purposes: to warn you of criminal activity and to warn you of potential costly or life-threatening home disasters. Both of these are essential parts of home security, and both of them are uncontrollable – you don’t really get to decide whether or not someone breaks into your home or whether or not your water heater bursts. But while home disasters may happen no matter what, there are things you can do for home security to deter or detect criminals who would attempt to break into your home so that you never have to deal with it. With the use of security sensors like the ones listed below, protection against criminal activity becomes simple and easy.

Garage Door Alarms

garage-door-sensorGarage door alarms are security sensors that warn you when the garage door has been opened. Few people realize just how easy it is to gain access to the home through the garage – which is a bit strange, considering how the garage is the largest access point to your home’s interior. But criminals can open your garage door using nothing more than a wire hanger if they’re determined. So by installing a garage door alarm, you can be warned the moment someone opens the door, whether it’s your husband coming home late from work or someone trying to break in late at night.

Glass Break Sensors

Ingenious devices, glass break sensors. These security sensors are somehow able to detect both the feel and the sound of glass breaking. Place these on all your windows and no one will ever be able to get in through the window without detection. These are particularly useful when placed on windows that are set within doors, because many criminals will simply break the glass on a back door to reach through and unlock the door from the inside.

Window and Door Sensors

Security sensors on your windows and doors will let you know whenever someone has opened a window or door. They come with two sensors, one of which you position on the door (or window) frame, and the other you position on the door (or window) itself. As the sensors are magnetized, whenever the magnetic connection is broken by someone opening it, the sensors will send you a signal.

Motion Sensors

78366512Motion sensors are really useful security sensors because they can be attached to a number of different devices. Motion sensors work by detecting motion, just as their name suggests – they use infrared energy detection to be able to sense the transmission of infrared energy from any human being who is moving nearby. You can attach a motion sensor to your video surveillance system so that a camera turns on and begins to monitor things when a person walks by. You can also hook a motion sensor to a security light so that it turns on when someone comes by, signaling to them that someone may have turned the switch on manually and may know that they’re there.

Security sensors are excellent protectors against intrusion into your house. Without too much trouble or expense on your part, you could save yourself tons of money in property loss, so consider looking into purchasing some of these security devices to keep your home safe and secure.