Types of Cameras in Home Security Systems

590268_41992492Cameras in home security systems can serve multiple different purposes as they accomplish the main purpose of keeping an eye on your property. With their combined strengths, you can use them to work together to provide your home with optimal protection and home security. Whether you’ve chosen DIY home security or you’re working with a monitoring service from a professional home security company, using cameras wisely in your home security systems will make a big difference in how effective the system is in protecting your home. Here are three common kinds of cameras you can use in your home security system.

Dome Cameras

Home security systems increasingly have multiple dome cameras set up. The dome camera is much like it sounds – there’s a camera covered by a dome (usually of glass, so that the picture quality remains clear). These kinds of cameras are often hosted in the ceiling of a porch or in the corners of rooms on the interior of your house. Less noticeable than some other kinds of cameras, these are good for managing security without letting people know they’re under surveillance. Even more secure is the smoked dome camera, in which the glass is covered with a smoky film so that the actual camera within it is undetectable. With these domes, no one can tell where the lens of the camera is pointing, so you can watch freely without them knowing it.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras can provide a nice sense of anonymity for homeowners with home security systems. These cameras can be disguised as clocks, sprinklers, smoke detectors, air purifiers, security lights, or other devices so that you can supervise your property without anyone even knowing about it. It’s a great way to detect criminals without them knowing they’re being detected, so that you can catch them before they know that you knew they were there. Some people prefer to use home security systems as a way of showing criminals that you’re prepared for them, but if you’d rather use the “sneak” approach on them and catch them in the act, using hidden cameras are a great way to go.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

cameras-160997702Pan tilt zoom cameras are the most expensive kind of camera in home security systems. These security cameras can pan left to right, tilt up and down, and zoom in for you so that you can get a full, detailed view of your property. With the ultimate surveillance provided by pan tilt zoom cameras, criminals and intruders will struggle to evade detection by the homeowner. Although they are expensive, their wide range of motion and use means that you can probably get away with only one or two to cover a good range of your property.

Using different types of security cameras can be hugely beneficial due to their varied strengths and weaknesses. Some are better for detection while others deter criminals because they know they’re being watched. No matter which home security cameras you choose, home security systems with cameras are excellent for watching over your home.